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About Us

Whitney combines her music and communication skills to create engaging concerts, participatory singing experiences,

and workshops for story-sharing, diversity-based dialogue and community-building.

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Whitney Bembenek :  Bio
Thanks to her ample experience in vocal music as well as restorative communication techniques, Whitney is increasingly known for her connective singing, personal and provocative lyrics, and her ability to “make people feel heard, safe, and connected.”
Whitney began singing in elementary school choir and has continued unto this day- participating in diverse vocal ensembles internationally and in the United States. She has sung in various ensembles such as Concentus Women's Choir (Rochester, NY), Duo Endredo (Dominican Republic) and VocalEssence (Twin Cities, MN). Her professional solo work began in 2009, with her vocal styling often described as soulful, jazzy, and engaging. She released her first solo EP album “Oh, the Beauty” in December 2017.
In formal education, she has a bachelor’s degree in Spanish Language with major studies in Video Production, and holds several rich years of experience studying and facilitating various forms of restorative communication. These include Non-Violent Communication of Marshall Rosenberg, Convergent Facilitation with Miki Kashtan, and Racial Justice Dialoguing with several YWCAs in the United States.
Through her ample music and restorative communications experience, Whitney combines her skills to create unique concerts, communal singing events, and workshops for deeper, more effective communication. 
Whitney's personal motto follows the words of philosopher Wayne Dyer: 
"Abundance is not something we acquire.
It is something we tune into."  
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